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House in Welingergasse tries to unite the qualities of a closed perimeter block development with the advantages of small scale of a family home and the contemplative “life in the suburbs”. A clear structuring of the structural body elements, which are differentiated according to the interior and exterior of the house, allowing towards both the almost intimate atmosphere of this small courtyard, as well as concise and confident appearance to the street, as would the house for the passers-by “in shell” throw.

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While the bright plaster facade to the patio very quiet, almost like a interior was designed , the street facade is formed plastic, and runs almost seamlessly from the ground up over the roof .
To utilize the full depth of the facade for the game of the volume possible , the windows are offset to the inside – so they act almost like picture frames . All elements of the street facade is made of dark , the only color accents put the two inputs , which are also cut like a funnel in the total volume .
The balconies overlooking the garden – each of the 14 apartments has at least one private space , be it patio , balcony, garden or roof garden – are tapered and are provided with a framework that accounts for the planar element of the balcony a volume – as a logical continuation of the design concept . This ” framing ” the view of the residents will be taken at the garden again and focused. It is up to the residents to make the structure even further and , for example, fill with textile awnings or trellises .

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