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Met, the centar of advanced technology, is both – an ambitious scientific and educational project and a new architectural symbol of sarajevo.
Einstein said once: “imagination is needed more than knowledge.”
The architectural and environmental atmosphere certainly plays a decisive role. Therefore, it is architecture’s task to be creative, inspiring and extraordinary.

Construction and the choice of materials – an “intelligent house” the classic division of elements to walls, roofs, and floors has been abandoned here for the idea of “intelligent skin” – a unique construction system applied to the entire building. Instead of underground levels, which are unfeasible on this site.
The ground floor units of the technology park can be developed into technological clusters in the future.

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Technical equipment and dimensions need to promote research and education with state-of-the-art technical aids used in the world today. A combination of the urban park and the public park results in an in-door piazza with an internet caffe/library, a riverside promenade, combined with the educational and economic mission of the met center.

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