Haus der Architektur

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AI Pavilion Project data(EN)hda1
Architectural Pavilion
The shape of the architectural pavilion is determined by the “right to a view,” probably the most important and valuable building design rule that has shaped the traditional Bosnian architecture throughout centuries. This traditional building law, if you will, made a huge impact on the modern architecture of the 20th century as well, transpiring to be its main credo. The selection of the site can therefore be interpreted as the city’s refocusing on the river. The pavilion’s topography reproduces the vertical and horizontal lines of the surrounding landscape. Vertically, it facilitates a view of the elevated district of Alifakovac and Trebevic Hill. Horizontally, it opens up toward the river Miljacka and the Sarajevo basin, thus taking advantage of the “spiel” of natural skylines that is so characteristic of our city.
The windows are designed to exhibit “live” photographs of the city. The interior is flexible and can be used for different events.


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