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Project Architectural Coffee Shop was designed as a presentational framework for the GO EAST: Vienna Meets Sarajevo exhibition, a cultural and economic exchange program between the two cities, in which a lot of institutions and individuals were involved. The exhibition was also host to a number of exhibitions by young architects and students of architecture in a rather unusual way – www were presented in the form of a newspaper which visitors were able to read while drinking coffee.


The coffee shop is one of the most important places for socializing in many cultures throughout the world. The coffee table is a silent witness of our love talk, and quite often it is the place where most important business talks occurr. In the coffee shop we open our hearts, cry, laugh. Many important stages in our lives are firmly tied to this place.

Wrote Peter Altenberg, one of the most famous poets who cherished coffee shops in his poetry:
“To be in a café means to feel at home without actually being at home.” In Vienna, the café stands for a room which lies somewhere between the office and the living room.


In the traditional coffee shops of Sarajevo, the rooms are furnished only with pillows and coffee tables. Flexible and devoid of superfluous objects, the kahvana (coffee shop) offers to visitors an unlimited view of streets, gardens, the river, or (thanks to dynamic topography) a view of the entire city.

For a number of reasons, it is an ideal place for the two cities to meet. The Architectural Coffee Shop project combines the rituals of coffee drinking characteristic for Sarajevo and Vienna. Here, you can choose between a cup of Viennese melange or a fildjan (cup) of Bosnian Kahva. You enjoy breaks in the daily rutine by taking your shoes off, drinking coffee, discussing architecture or reading architectural newspapers, and learning about both cities. The pillows and carpet patterns were modeled on the traditional Bosnian carpet patterns. The exhibition, including the coffee dishes, was sponsored by both cities.


This traveling, pneumatic construction was exhibited on three occassions in 2003 :
European Forum in Alpbach, Austria, in August; Architekturzentrum Vienna in September and Sarajevo City Museum in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, in October.

The accompanying programs are also understood as “work in progress,” as they change from place to place. A number of round table discussions and presentations with different guests greatly contributed to the exhibition.


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