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The last remaining oases of wild nature in the city inspired us to interpret the theme dwelling in (city) wilderness. We define this wilderness as a moment in which nature reconquers the city. This theme knows no clear differentiation between buildings and landscape; borders disappear, everything grows together. The landscape between the two Wild Villas – one can also talk in terms of two wild islands – is stretched as a green net that grows from inside the building’s atrium and creates a green plaza in the center.
The Wild Villas or the principle of filtering and layering:
Every layer has a special quality:
— The green filter as a principle of fractal growth. The CT section of a tree, abstracted through a formula, is made to grow and is arrested in a particular condition. This condition is a matrix that becomes a colourful living wild wall that changes with seasons.
— The double-insulated outer wall (low-energy concept) as a screen that, owing to its plastic form, creates scissor-like patterns inside the apartments
— The twister-like centrally located atrium is a common space, an island, that channels both natural and artificial light through the net structure into the ground floor.

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