Grand Egyptian Museum

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Precisely the architecture of ancient Egypt provides a brilliant example of permanent cooperation of man-made and natural environments. Inspired by this idea, our vision of the Grand Egyptian Museum in the 21st century is architecture as an extreme form of landscape: the landscape as a building, the building as a landscape. In an environment such as the desert, the soil, the shade, water, and plants play a decisive role.
Therefore our proposal is much closer to the idea of a desert park than to that of a building. Its core consists of Five Oases [gardens] with the following functions: the museum with its underground and open-air space, the service areas, the Souk (commercial), and the recreational area.
The longitudinal development of these spaces secures that all the most important directions and functions of the entire complex are connected into one whole. Nature is a unity in which all protagonists are linked into a unique system whose message we are trying to understand and visualize.

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