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WHA Welingergasse

House in Welingergasse tries to unite the qualities of a closed perimeter block development with the advantages of small scale of a family home and the contemplative "life in the suburbs". A clear structuring of the structural body elements, which are differentiated according to the interior and exterior of the house, allowing towards both the almost intimate atmosphere of this small courtyard, as well as concise and confident appearance to the street, as would the house for the passers-by "in shell" throw.     While the bright plaster facade to the patio ...


Green House in Austin, TX, USA

House in Austin,TX meets the requirements of the American green architectural standards. It took over a year to design, and only eight months to build. The project came about through simulation of situations in which all the household members were involved. Instead of a one-sided indoor-outdoor contrast, here we project a host of situations with different atmospheric and light conditions and spatial experiences, depending on the length of stay in a particular space. Some of the spaces are private, some are shared with the rest of the family and guests. The ...

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Hotel Apollogasse


Housing Refurbishment Friedmanngasse

Nachbar in Not

The Sign of the Future

The sign of the future, "Sarajevo Crossing" was founded in 1995 with the help of the House of Architecture and was a clear sign against war and destruction. The ...

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Go East

Project Architectural Coffee Shop was designed as a presentational framework for the ...

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Work in Progress, Gansterergasse

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Road to House Austin, TX